Make-Up Classes – Brisbane

Apart from being one of Brisbane’s most trusted photography companies we also run make up courses for people interested in making the most of the opportunities available in make-up techniques and products.

Who Presents the Course and What Does it Include?

The make-up course is conducted by a professional make-up artist who will reveal tips and tricks of the trade, to be used both for daytime and night. You will gain a hands-on approach to the latest fashions and trends in an exclusive one-to-one workshop for 2 whole hours. There are numerous reasons we can think of as to why you should enroll for this course. Let’s mention a few:

  • Perfect your look and the look of others – no matter what skin conditions you or your subject are prone to, the education and training you have learnt will help you to overcome minor blemishes and imperfections and to conceal them with minimum effort. Looking glamorous is the effort you place into preparing your skin, whether by day or night, to make sure you look your best.
  • Confidence and self-esteem will hit the roof – it is pretty normal to feel embarrassed or to have low self-esteem, especially if you are incapable of applying make-up which makes a difference to yourself and others. Besides having the power to transform your own image, you also have the renewed vigour and capacity to help others.
  • Increase your knowledge and share with others – being given the unique opportunity to expand your horizons in terms of make-up application, you are also entrusted with providing this information to your own clients. You will learn how to explain and convince your subjects how and why they need to apply certain make-up.

Will the Workshop be Boring?

We call this workshop a fun experience because we realise that the only way to learn is by getting your hands dirty – in a fun way, of course! Here’s what’s in store for you once you apply:

  • Enhance your features by learning how to use the right colour combination and technique around your lips, cheeks and eyes.
  • Tips on how to apply day and night make-up, to make you look your best, always.
  • We provide you with a complimentary brush kit and teach you how to use it to apply make-up.
  • How and when to apply foundation to obtain the perfect colour, depending on your type of skin.
  • How to conceal areas you would rather not expose to the world.

Ok, I’m In – What Do I Have To Do?

Make sure you book your course well in time to guarantee you a spot. Although our courses are available every day between Tuesday and Saturday at our professional studio, we encourage early bookings. You would need to leave a deposit of $50 to guarantee your place.

This month’s price is reduced to $190 down from the normal $250!

Call us today to book your place: 07 3395 5800.